Local Counsel

Attorneys at Walsh Pancio regularly serve as local counsel and co-counsel for state court matters in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our role as local counsel is shaped by our decades of experience in the state courts.

Walsh Pancio can perform narrowly tailored services, such as preparing pro hac vice motions and other routine case filings; advising referral counsel and co-counsel about local rules and procedures; and offering insight as to the preferences, quirks and style of the local judges in and around Philadelphia.  On the other hand, Walsh Pancio is also capable of playing a major role in cases when acting as local legal counsel, and our attorneys can fill in seamlessly in the position of first chair.

Walsh Pancio attorneys appear regularly in federal and state courts and are familiar with the local rules of Pennsylvania courts, trial practice, discovery procedures, and the proper format of pleadings, briefs, motions and other filings.

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