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Mike Lyon Obtains Defense Verdict in Premises Liability Case in Bucks County

In a unique matter involving a claim in Bucks County, Walsh Pancio attorney Mike Lyon obtained a defense verdict following a compulsory arbitration.

The Plaintiff alleged a trip and fall on his own property that he blamed on tree roots from our clients’ property, which was adjacent to the Plaintiff’s own land. The Plaintiff alleged that our clients’ failure to treat the trees and roots led to overgrowth and encroachment on to his property, and he claimed that he tripped over that overgrowth and sustained serious lower body injuries as a result.

During discovery and arbitration, Mike was able to demonstrate that the clients had not acted negligently in maintaining their own property, and thus were not responsible for the Plaintiff’s injuries. An arbitration panel in Bucks County unanimously agreed and found in favor of our clients. The Plaintiff chose not to pursue an appeal of that decision, which is now final.

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