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January 2024

Hon. Joseph P. Walsh was recently informed that he was selected to participate in the Planning, Transportation, and Infrastructure Advisory Committee as well as the Criminal Justice & the Court Advisory Committee as part of Moving Montco Forward initiative.

This initiative aims to assist Commissioners Jamila Winder and Neil Makhija in crafting the next chapter for Montgomery County.

In announcing their appointments to the Planning, Transportation, and Infrastructure Advisory Committee, Commissioners Winder and Makhija stated:

We’re proud to unveil our Planning, Transportation, and Infrastructure Advisory Committee – a team of visionary experts dedicated to developing a more connected and sustainable Montgomery County. This committee will help our Commissioners to be the driving force behind innovative planning, strategic transportation solutions, and robust infrastructure development. From urban planners to transportation engineers, each member brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Together, we’re focused on creating a future where every resident enjoys efficient, eco-friendly, and accessible transportation options, and where our infrastructure meets the evolving needs of our community. Follow us as we lay the groundwork for a thriving, well-connected Montgomery County.

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In announcing their Criminal Justice & the Court Advisory Committee, Commissioners Winder and Makhija stated:

Introducing our Criminal Justice and The Courts Advisory Committee – a powerhouse of expertise, perspective, and cultural competence, all dedicated to creating a more just and equitable justice system in Montgomery County. This committee is composed of reform experts, current and former defenders and prosecutors, and organizations skilled in navigating Montgomery County’s legal system. Their collective experience is unmatched and vital in advising Commissioners on substantial criminal justice and general legal reforms. Together, we aim to ensure fairness, transparency, and equality in our legal system, ultimately writing a new and progressive chapter for Montgomery County. Stay tuned as we work towards transforming our legal system into one that truly embodies justice for all.

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