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January 2024

Jason Edwards obtained summary judgment resulting in the dismissal with prejudice of all claims in a Bucks County lawsuit against a local automotive dealership.

Plaintiff alleged that Jason’s client sold her a defective vehicle that had a hollowed out catalytic convertor which caused the engine of the vehicle to catch fire in October 2019. Plaintiff’s claims against Jason’s client included a claim under the PA Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. Plaintiff alleged that a representative from Jason’s client told her the vehicle was in good condition, inspected, and road worthy when she purchased the vehicle. Plaintiff sought treble damages and attorneys’ fees.

Jason litigated this matter over several years and investigated Plaintiff’s allegations extensively. Jason uncovered through discovery and his investigation that the Plaintiff purchased the vehicle in March 2018 and her vehicle caught fire in October 2019. At the time of the fire, the vehicle had over one hundred thousand miles, and had been inspected and repaired numerous times. In fact, the catalytic convertor Plaintiff alleged was hollowed out had been replaced numerous times by other entities (not Jason’s client) prior to the engine fire in October 2019. Additionally, through discovery it was determined that Plaintiff did not have any evidence to actually establish what caused the engine fire.

Jason filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on behalf of the local automotive dealership and argued that the record contained insufficient evidence to make out a prima facie cause of action against Jason’s client. The Court agreed with Jason’s arguments and dismissed all claims against Jason’s client. Plaintiff did not appeal the Court’s ruling.

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